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Kidz4you2 is an ADGA PLUS member.  We participate in ADGA's LA ( Linear Appraisal ) and  ADGA's DHIA ( Dairy Herd Improvement Association ) program.  We annually herd test with WADDL for CAE - CL - Johnes.   We are always working toward improvement of the breed, focusing on conformation & high milk yield. We are blessed to have one of are goats ( Sassfire ) make the Top Ten list for the United States in 2021. 

In 2015 we decided we wanted our own milk. My husband purchased a baby cow.  After a few months of feeding her, I realized it was going to be 1.5 years before she could be breed and ready to milk.  It was going to be way more milk than the two of us could drink.  We sold her to a nice family with lots of kids.

Some of our milkers

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